Fire Watch Guard Plan of Action- What is it

Fire Watch Guard Plan Procedure Template

This plan of action should include instructions for what to do if your fire alarm system fails to warn inhabitants of the need to evacuate the building during a fire. When smoke or fire is detected, the safety strategy must be implemented immediately. If the situation cannot be rectified by the building management, the matter must be reported to the fire department.

The following items should be included in a fire watch guards plan:

  • Inspecting the whole building's premises
  • If the problem persists for more than 4 hours in a 24-hour period, notify the fire department and employ fire watch guards.
  • All employees/residents should be aware of the plan.
  • A member of staff who has been educated in fire safety protocols, such as fire alarms, extinguishers, evacuation, and rescue, among other things.
  • Professional fire watch guards will maintain a constant fire watch over the affected region. Patrols of the affected regions should be conducted every 30 minutes or at 15-minute intervals, and if required, every 24 hours.
  • Keeping a fire log that includes the date and time of each patrol as well as the name of the person on duty.
  • Fire extinguisher equipment is distributed to all inhabitants and/or employees within the building.
  • Fire watch guards must have access to all areas of the structure in the event of a fire. On a regular basis, they inspect all of the rooms.
  • Every building owner, manager, or employer should have a fire watch process template that outlines all of the critical actions to follow in the event of a safety issue. Prepare for a fire breakout to protect your employees and your property.

Fire Watch Policy Objective And Purpose

If the fire alarm and/or sprinkler systems in any University building fail, this policy defines the criteria for a fire watch. When the above-mentioned systems are out of operation, a fire watch permits buildings to be temporarily inhabited. A fire watch service is a group of trained individuals that patrol the building's impacted regions. They serve as a fire alarm system, to notify the FAU Police Department (FAUPD) or the City Fire Department of fires or other crises, and to order the evacuation of a building if a fire or other emergency arises. The University's Procedure for Reporting Fire Emergencies (Attachment "A"), executing building evacuations, practicing fire prevention practices, and deploying portable fire extinguishers are all required of fire watch employees.

Environmental Health And Safety

When the fire alarm and/or sprinkler system is temporarily shut down for more than 4 hours for reasons such as maintenance, periodic inspection, remodeling, or demolition work, a fire watch must be established in the structure. Until the system has been restored, tested, and put back into operation, the locations impacted by the outage or malfunction will be covered.

When buildings are occupied, a fire watch is necessary at all times in resident halls and assembly locations. EH&S and Housing and Residential Life will work together to decide whether or not to deploy a fire watch.

Physical Plant, FAUPD, and EH&S will make the choice when public assembly locations are empty.

Until the fire alarm and/or sprinkler systems have been repaired, tested, and reinstalled, a fire watch will be maintained.

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